Shopping quick, convenient and easy

At Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH you can shop around the clock on the internet – conveniently from home. Please feel free to browse through our range of products. If you are interested in a product, just click on it to see more details. To find products quickly and effortlessly, you can use the "Search" function.

Your shopping cart

On the product detail pages you will find an input field for the quantity and a pushbutton "Add to Shopping Cart". First of all enter the desired number and click on "Add to Shopping Cart", to save the product on your virtual "Shopping List".

Afterwards you can continue to shop, add further products to your shopping cart or process your order.

We have different varieties of some products: here you must first select the desired type, e.g. a specific size or material, before you add the product to your shopping cart.

Comfort is our top priority

Using the link "Add to Notepad" you can "bookmark" the products until your next visit without obligation; all cookies must be activated for this. Using the "Show Notepad" function, you can call up the products that you bookmarked earlier.

Processing your order

Click on "Show Shopping Cart", if you want to see your current order. You will see an overview of the articles which you have placed in your shopping cart. If you want to change the order quantity later, enter the new number in the field "Order Quantity" and finally click on the "Update Total" button. To remove a product from your order, click the delete symbol next to the product. In order to call up details about a product in the shopping cart, click the corresponding name. When your order is complete, click "Proceed to Check Out".

Modes of shipment and payment methods

n the next window you can select the desired mode of shipment. If there are additional shipping costs, they will be displayed. Mark the required mode of shipment and click "Next", to get to the payment methods. Finally select a payment method and click "Next" again.

Your address

A window will now open showing your personal details you entered on registration. If your details have changed, click the link "Change your Personal Details", and adjust the details in the dialogue box which is now open. If you want to give a different delivery address, you can also do it using this form. Additionally you also have the opportunity of adding a message for us. When you have carried out all necessary changes and entries, click "Next".


Finally an order summary will open, in which your order will be shown once again as an overview. Please check that all details are correct, that all articles and quantities are accurate and that you have selected the required mode of shipment and payment method. From this screen you can also see our General Terms and Conditions. Before completing the order you must agree to these by marking the appropriate control box. Then click "Send Order" to complete the order. Shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.

Written order

If you decide upon a written order process with the payment methods, you must open the order form in the "Order successful" window via the "Print your Order" link and print it out using the "Print" function on your web browser, fill it out legibly and fax it or send it to us.